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Sunday, June 15, 2014

A ADHD parent with an ADHD Child

One of the hardest things to do, as an ADHD parent, is to raise an ADHD child. Just as an example, imagine your child has a field trip coming up. All of these things have to happen:

1. Kid has to remember to put permission slip in her bag.
2. Kid has to remember her bag.
3. Kid has to remember to hand the permission slip to Mom.
4. Mom has to find a pen.
5. Mom has to find her checkbook.
6. Mom has to find an envelope.
7. Mom has to read and sign the permission slip.
8. Mom has to write out a check for the proper amount.
9. Mom has to hope there's sufficient funds for the check.
10. Mom has to gather permission slip and check and place it in the envelope (I just had that; where did it go?).
11. Mom has to give the envelope to Kid.
12. Kid has to put the envelope in her bag.
13. Kid has to remember to take her bag to school.
14. Kid has to remember to turn in the envelope.
15. Oh, crap. What day was that again?

Mom lost her half of the permission slip and didn't put it on the calendar! To normals, such a simple task. To us, a nearly impossible series of events that must be executed. Are you exhausted yet? Well, that's the life of a ADHD parent with an ADHD child.

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