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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Why is it the solution to ADHD is becoming organized and scheduled. Why are the answers to my problem the thing I struggle with? I have expressed my severe anxiety over forgetting things only to be told to get a calendar. Now why did I not think of that? Maybe because one is on my fridge and I still forget. Maybe because someone can call me 2 hours before my appointment and somehow it leaves my brain and I completely forget I even had to be anywhere. I am trying my best here. Don't tell me if I can just make sure to read and schedule homework time with my kid and he will struggle less. It is a fact that I struggled with school when I was younger and guess what it has not changed! I hate homework, it gives me anxiety. I am trying! I am trying! I am trying!

If you are going to tell me advice at least try and make it seem like you understand that it is a struggle and not just a no brainer. Don't make it seem so simple and easy because guess what, it isn't. It is much more complicated than you can understand, heck I don't get it and it is my head.

It is not for the lack of desire either! I have this idea in my head of who I want to be. I want to be the organized mom who sits down with her kids after school and does homework. I want to be the person who remembers their appointments and gets to places on time.

I am tired of hearing simple answers to my complex problems.

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