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Monday, June 30, 2014

Try ADHD Medication

I am an adult with ADHD and I didn't get meds until I was an adult. They changed my life. I only wish I had been given them sooner. I missed out on so much. Whereas I do believe you can help your child without meds - it's all a matter of degrees. If they are helped at all without meds, then they can be helped exponentially more with them. It might seem like "good enough" for you the parent without meds but your child is missing out on their true potential. The main way people manage ADHD without meds is by avoidance. Avoiding anything challenging which, for some, is nearly everything.

And even though I could get by without, I see no reason to even try. Why accept just getting by when there is so much more potential?

I can understand the gut reaction to try to stay away from meds and "go natural". But the reality is when you do that you are leaving much of your child's potential untapped. I missed a lot of life before meds. It's like I had to get to know myself again. I discovered a whole new world.

I agree that exercise and diet are key and extremely helpful. I know I have to exercise first thing every morning. It helps get me in gear. My son's school which is for ADHD kids - the first period is P.E. for this reason. Sleep is also very important. ADHD persons benefit highly from an extra 30 minutes of sleep per day. My son gets 11 hours per night and those nights he doesn't - it’s obvious the next day. None of it replaces the right meds though. The right ADHD meds do not make you like a zombie. They don't change you at all - they just make your brain work correctly. My son won't go without his. He loves them. He says they stop him from "being random." And I know just how he feels.

Beginning in third grade if you don't at least try medication for your child, you are doing them a disservice. That is what I believe. Until you see what medication can do, you have no idea what your child can do or who they can be. Of course, for those people who have tried and can't make any work because of multiple diagnosis or other reason, I feel for them. I'm really talking about those people who are staunchly against any meds ever.

I am a staunch believer in medication.  I volunteer at my sons school - 100 kids - all with ADHD.  I can tell without even looking at their paperwork which kids are on meds and which are not .  The ones that are do much better and are much happier.

I think it is good information and parents need to ask themselves "Why am I so against even trying medication?"

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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