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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Climbing Higher with ADHD Medication

My Aidan just turned 8 & completed 2nd grade. It was his first full school year being on meds since diagnosed with ADHD last spring. His grades climbed & even tho his state test which he took in 10 mins (hello ADHD) would make him take summer school, his daily work & comprehension levels tested him out of needing summer school! He works very hard & gets extra help with Chinese & Math but he did it! He didn't get into trouble like years before. Not one phone call from school for behavior.

Aidan went from first grader sitting on my steps crying that he hated himself,he was stupid & why should he go to school cuz he just gets into trouble (that's when we knew no diet, routine, yoga would be enough we needed meds) to a boy with confidence with grades all 3 (4 is highest) and crying on last day of school saying he loves school & didn't want it to end. Aidan himself can tell anyone that his "listening pills" work! Trust me did I hear many unasked opinions about how meds are bad etc. my response he isn't your son. Each person is different. I know many kids/adults that are not medicated who self medicated with drugs/alcohol & gave up on school. I'll give my son the tools to be successful & see ADHD as a gift

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