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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

ADHD Support: Poem

Celebrating being a member of great support groups!

To have a laugh. To share a cry. To keep hope.
To have faith.
To give love. To move ahead. To make ammend.
and get ahead.
Understand and Speak. To touch the Snowy peak.
To raise above the water and protect our Sons and Daughters.
A sky above a core below. The sky at night a lesson thorough.
A morning of sorrow. Another tomorrow.
The Passing time with less than a dime
No, it ain't no crime. Just be yourself and not a mime.
A breeze that touched. An idea that buzzed.
The chocolate that fudged. The black the red.
The Greenish flame is rising.
Don't take the blame Arising.
The matter of Life, the matter of love.
Why live a lie, just release the dove.
A group of people To Trust, To show beneath the crust.
Leave behind the past and Journey towards the thrust.

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