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Monday, June 2, 2014

Hell and Back

ADD/ADHD has taken me to hell and back. I was diagnosed with ADD (there was no such thing as ADHD yet) in third grade and put on Ritalin. Teachers could not figure out why I was acting up and still completing all of my school work. I was tested and found to be very intelligent. I was put in honors classes to give me a more challenging work load. This new change helped stimulate my mind, but was a failure for my social life. Honors students took a bus to another school to have class together and that made us stand out to our peers and they made fun of us.
My parents divorced when I was Twelve years old. I quickly found something that could make me forget about all my worries. Alcohol slowed the world and my thoughts down. I was an addicted to alcohol by the age of thirteen. I started with alcohol and by the age of sixteen, I progressed to using cocaine. By the age of eighteen, I was living in a crack house selling drugs to support my habit!
When I was twenty-two years old I tried desperately to fit in, but I was hooked on cocaine and alcohol and could not focus. I wanted help, but I did not know how to get it. I kept doing what I knew best and that was to get drunk and high. One night after partying with my friends; I was dropped off at home and in a black out ended up on a hill that surrounded my apartment complex. I rolled to the bottom, flopping off a retaining wall and smashing my head on the pavement. I was rushed to the hospital and had a right frontal craniotomy. After the surgery I stayed in a comatose state for several weeks.

When I woke up from the coma and was able to eat again. I was placed in a nursing home to live out the rest of my days. I was mad and angry about my new surroundings and was the youngest person in the facility. I was devastated about what I did to myself and did not know how to express my feelings. With determination, hard work, and focus, I left the nursing home and my wheelchair for a walker and eventually a cane. After three years of therapy I was walking with no assistive device.

In the fifteen years since my accident I have been able to walk, talk, and drive again. I went to college and earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology and graduate degree in Counseling and Psychology. I retrained my brain to channel my ADHD into positivity. I found how to keep moving forward and not look back!
I am a Behavior Therapist and a Certified Professional Coach that has dedicated my life to helping others who have experienced trauma, injury or addiction. I now have over fifteen years clean and sober!

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  1. its scary how very similar my story is to yours... almost exactly the same , i stayed in a wheelchair for a yr. after my now a member of 3 groups and writting my book.

    1. Would you like to share your story and promote your book on this page? Message me if you are interested

  2. 3rd Survivor it sounds like you're doing great! It is your time to shine! Keep moving forward and don't look back!